From Dinosaur to Digital Rock Star


The last time I got excited was when I noticed in the news flow some changes that have taken place in the traditional banking sector. Could the world do without banks? Examples of changes are visible everywhere. Estonia is considering legalizing Uber by formulating rules for carpooling services. Traveling broadens your horizons, and today you can find the most authentic cultural experiences by taking lodgings at someone’s house, by swapping homes or by renting a dwelling or couch. The conventional text message may be the most distinguishable means of marketing – but the fact is that texting is hardly used for anything else any more.

Blog post by Hanne Melin: The Future of eCommerce


The future of e-commerce could hold global economic opportunities accessible to more individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses in more parts of the world. Let me explain.

Blogpost by Tuija Seipell: Doing the impossible


Fear is a strong emotion. A great servant but a bad master. Although much of fear seems to be irrational, my experience is that if you listen to your most persistent fears and learn from them, they will reveal your true capacity and disappear, or at least stop controlling your life. Or your business.

Bruce Oreck joins Update Forum as a Keynote Speaker


Bruce Oreck served as the United States Ambassador to Finland from 2009 until 2015. Prior to his work at the State Department, Ambassador Oreck practiced law specializing in business and taxation and represented many of the top 100 companies in America. Ambassador Oreck has been a public speaker for over 20 years – addressing topics as diverse as creativity, envisioning the future, entrepreneurship and marketing.

UP! The Early Bird catches the best price of the UPDATE Key Decision Maker Day


This year’s best day is yet to come. The UPDATE Key Decision maker day will be celebrated in the most courageous and innovative spirits on April 27, 2016. Stretching from early morning till afternoon, the day offers a Change Economy awakening gathering experts and leaders to a transforming learning experience. Speakersforum has sought today’s leading world-class speakers and Management Events Studio guarantee a state-of-the art execution in the Helsinki Savoy Theatre. Bight takes care of the before unseen event technology. Everything is brought together by Evento Magazine.

First speakers for Update announced


UPDATE inspires participants to do everything with passion and find solutions that pave the way for the future, building confidence in your own abilities and encouraging you to truly engage with people. People, encounters, events and the revelation of their true influence are the main focus.

Production technology seamlessly supports presentation content


You can tell when event production technology is functional and well thought-out: it sets a specific mood, without actually bringing any attention to itself. In many cases, lighting, audio and video technology is not really noticed until the sound is too loud or there is an error in the material shown on displays.

What makes a successful, world-class speaker seminar?


Responsible for marketing, communications and co-operative projects at Speakersforum, Marketing Communications Manager Susanna Suorsa believes that Update will be one of the spring's most talked-about workplace and business seminars.

Italian delicacies and a splendid setting


The U P D A T E seminar will be held in the prestigious Savoy Theatre, whose stage has been graced by the biggest names in entertainment.