From Dinosaur to Digital Rock Star


The last time I got excited was when I noticed in the news flow some changes that have taken place in the traditional banking sector. Could the world do without banks? Examples of changes are visible everywhere. Estonia is considering legalizing Uber by formulating rules for carpooling services. Traveling broadens your horizons, and today you can find the most authentic cultural experiences by taking lodgings at someone’s house, by swapping homes or by renting a dwelling or couch. The conventional text message may be the most distinguishable means of marketing – but the fact is that texting is hardly used for anything else any more.

You can find a new employee or life companion by calling around the network or by opening an application designed for such purposes. Help is available anytime, anywhere. The conventional CV is dull, whereas a video shows and tells what is at stake. The change in visual culture effectively boosts egos and brands, awareness and ideas. Classic porn magazines are a part of history, and the market for erotic peep shows has moved online already a long time ago. And the application you’re using right now is already outdated, whew!

Your own life is open to all possibilities. Just choose how you’d like to present it! Bullying, denouncing others and behaving badly are easy to do today. But who has the right, the understanding and courage to have their say using their own name? What is true? And where are the smarts to assess the validity of the information?

Trading and sharing, new opportunities: the world is suddenly accessible so easily and flexibly. Pick some music; see a movie! Was there anything on TV? The choice is yours. The wonderland of the internet provides quick help not only for your company’s product development, customer service and feedback, but also for meeting your own personal needs. Sharing is caring.

Digitalization is everywhere, and it’s fast creating new opportunities, breaking conventional industries and building new approaches. The change is for good, and few will miss what is gone. Global markets are also now nearby and open to all. Take advantage of the changes with curiosity and passion! You are the forerunner and trendsetter: just the right person to take your business boldly toward success!

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Nina Harlin
Business Director
Keskisuomalainen Oyj, Business and Professional Magazines