Linda Hammarstrand

Linda Hammarstrand Company Culture Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Author

What makes businesses leading today is our ability to cooperate

We have to work together, not only at the same time!" But how do we create a highperforming organizational culture? How do we link the values to results?

She was nominated Speaker of the Year - Woman 2018 in Sweden. A strong brand isbuilt from within through a strong organizational culture. Linda describes businesses as a big relay race, where each employee plays a keyrole in his team.

Linda Hammarstrand from Sweden has been invited to this year summit to answer these questions. Linda's experience and expertise, but not least her dedication and ability to put words on how to create a winning culture makes her unique! We promise you a great experience, inspiration and concrete tools!

Linda is one of the most hired speakers in the Nordics within Performance Culture and Values. Linda har 20 years experience in communication, HR and education within the Stena Group (1995–2015). Her latest mission within Stena was to visualize the business philosophy for 22 000 co-workers over the world.

Most recently Linda comes from Clarion Hotel, where she was part of the management team as Director of Passion (2015–2017). She succesfully worked with building and strengthening the company culture to make the hotel chain the most attractive employer in the Nordics, for which she has received many prestigeful awards.

A strong brand is built from within through a strong, valuedriven organization culture. HR-professional Linda Hammarstrand describes businesses as a big relay race,where each employee plays a key role in his team. What makes businesses leading today is our ability to cooperate.

Key takeaways:

• How to create a high-performing organizational culture.

• How to link values to great results.

• Creating a passionate team that lasts.

Markku Hautala

Markku Hautala Shop owner of Best store in the World, K-Citymarket Järvenpää

Markku is a third-generation shop owner who continues the work that his grandfather started. His shop is the most famous K-Citymarket in Finland and is also a winner of the IGD (International Grocery store Database) Best store in the World. Markku is also a Business coach, Instructor, passionate shop developer, sushi-king and some call him as a creative crazy mind.

Matti Jämsen Top chef and restaurateur

Matti Jämsen is well experienced professional in various cooking contests, he won the Chef of the year 2005 competition in Finland and works at the moment as a President of Bocuse d’Or Academy Finland. He is an entrepreneur at Gastro Bar Sesonki, BAD - Best Adventure Of The Day lunch Restaurants and is a founder of popular Project Soromnoo Pop Up concept. As he is multitasking pioneer of Restaurant business, he also runs Chalet Ruka Peak Hotel Kitchen in Ruka and has created many loved concept’s to Flow-festival’s culinaristic hipsters too.

Michaela Merk

Michaela Merk CEO & Founder, Merk Vision and Partners

Dr. Michaela Merk is an expert in the art of enchanting the most demanding clients. A consultant, trainer, author, speaker and professor. She has trained and motivated over 100,000 people in 20 countries. A German national she has been living in Paris for the past 25 years, where she has learned first-hand the secrets of the most influential luxury brands.

Top management positions, research and strategic consulting missions for powerful luxury houses suchas Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and several Palace Hotels, have made Dr. Michaela Merk an expert in theart of enchanting the most demanding clients. Her motto: Build powerful brands and a memorable client experience through Relationship Intelligence. Empower your teams and allow them to become engaged brand ambassadors for your company.

In parallel to her business career, she is professor in marketing and luxury good management in leading international business schools and universities in Europe, Asia and USA. She holds a PhD in marketing, which she defended at Sorbonne and HEC, and she is author of several books, including “Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors”.

Dr. Michaela Merk is a highly requested keynote speaker. She fascinates in her dynamic, interactive and charismatic keynotes in English, French or German, all filled with expertise and rich content.

Paavo Virkkunen

Paavo Virkkunen Head of Visit Finland, Executive Director of Business Finland

His background consists of comprehensive career steps within Airline and Travel Industries, including senior leadership positions within the areas of long term strategy processes, strategic alliances and joint ventures. His experience within the Travel Industry includes executive level Sales, Marketing and Service Product Management positions; he is seasoned airline Strategic Alliance and Joint Ventures professional; he has experience in global brand management and holistic marketing work. He hasled business restructuring and strategy processes – thus gaining thorough knowledge from airline and travel industries.

His current position provides thorough insight into international business development, driven by consumer behavior and global megatrends. His professional profile includes international assignments and he is fluent in Finnish, English and German, speaks good Swedish and some Spanish. Specialties: Travel and Airline Industries; Strategy, International Alliances and Commercial Partnerships, Marketing and Brand Management, Service Product Management, Sales.


Tomi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen is an energetic and straightforward serial entrepreneur who is not afraid of even the craziest of ideas. He quit his well paid job in fund management to pursue an idea conceived by an 18-year old summer intern.

Tomi did not walk the usual way on his life-path. Skipping high-school he ended up as a cleaner in the Stockholm Subway because no one wanted to hire an uneducated 16-year old. After hearing the regrets ofhis older colleagues’ life choices Tomi Kaukinen panicked, quit his job and decided to get into the most prestigious school in Sweden, Stockholm School of Economics. He jumped back to high school and graduated, fueled by never wanting to go back to cleaning, with straight A’s. Four years later he graduated from Stockholm School of Economics.

With a background from both the world of finance, scaling companies outside of Finland and eventually burning out by the same job that was his passion, Kaukinen has many stories to tell, from hiring the former director of Real Madrid to his company, to managing entrepreneurial pressure and recovering from burnout.

“When I talk about entrepreneurship I talk about life. We have too many prejudices about what other people do and think. I want to remove the culture of fear from people’s lives by showing my own vulnerability and mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve made mistakes, but hey, here I am, alive and kicking. It’s time to make modern age more humane. Through humor and experience. If you can’t laugh at your own mistakes, you can’t live a full life!”